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Image of two men kissing from The Christmas House

Hallmark: Romance and Representation?

Hallmark has begun shifting from a glossy image of love and the real world to make slow (slow) steps towards a more inclusive picture.

Image of the TikTok songwriters/creators for Ratatouille the Musical

“Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” Shows the Perseverance of the Arts

With Broadway shut down, “Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” encapsulates the creative capital the app curated. 

Promotional Image for Minari with a young boy in the forefront and an american flag on a wall behind him

Minari: When an American Film Becomes “Foreign”

The Golden Globes has done it again; it excluded a critically-acclaimed American film, Minari, from the Best Picture category.

The Weeknd holding a Grammy in each hand, kissing one

Behind The Weeknd Grammys Snub

Recently, the Recording Academy took it upon themselves to eliminate one of the most popular and acclaimed albums of this year, After Hours by The Weeknd, from the 10 categories for which he submitted the album and its singles.

Image of Secret American's band members

Secret American Concludes a Year Full of “Heavy Feels”

Heavy Feels explores topics of intimacy, masculinity, and social failures, this album splits off from their previous, more upbeat work.

Image of Joe Gardner at a crosswalk

Soul: A Modern Take On Traditional Message To Follow Your Dreams

Soul is an example of Disney tailoring its films by incorporating realistic, even depressing storylines into their movies.

Side-by-side photo of a journalits being arrested by police in riot gear at a blm protest and a photo of a man in military gear storming the senate chamber

Spot the Difference: Insurrectionists at the Capitol vs. Police

No comparisons should be drawn between the BLM protests and the Capitol riots, but the police response at both events should be highlighted.

Abby Salmon

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Abby Salmon Edition

Abby Salmon is excited by challenge of math and was thrilled by the opportunity to combine it with her other passion of sports through WSP.

Trump standing with his fist raised with american flags behind him

Trump Caused This Tragedy, Let Him Face the Consequences

As the nation recovers from the Capitol riots, President Trump must finally face immediate consequences for his actions.