Photo of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo facing forward

Holding Those in Power Responsible For Their Actions

There has been a culture of letting those in power get away with sexual misconduct; but is that culture finally changing?

An illustration of two women sitting in chairs across from each other, one of them being a patient and the other being a therapist

POV: You See Your Therapist Complaining on TikTok

Recently, a therapist on TikTok complained about one of her patients “trauma dumping” on them. But is that not what her job is about?

A FAFSA illustration.

FAFSA Workshops Are More Helpful Than You Think

FAFSA workshops can help students get the financial aid they need to pay for college — which is why there should be more.

A picture of the Whittier College landscape.

Made You Look! The Schedule of Classes Needs an Update

While most professors do make an effort to modernize classes, this is often very unclear to students when registering for classes.

photo of colorful skulls grouped together

Remembering the Indigenous Origins of Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is the day in which we honor the dead. This year, let’s remember the indigenous side of this holiday.