Photo of college student sitting on the ground with tax documents

Whittier Students Need the College’s Help With Taxes

Tax season is gone, but a problem remains: students should receive help from the College with filing taxes.

Photo of Mendenhall where Whittier College Communications Office is located

Whittier College Has a Communication Problem

Late emails about campus events have become increasingly common and shows the communication problem the College faces.

Hoover, home to Whittier College's English Department

The Lack of Women in Whittier College’s English Department

Women and non-binary students in the English Department are struggling to connect to professors, as, currently, most of them are men.

An illustration of a teacher writing on a chalkboard.

Thoughts on the Teaching Crisis by Aspiring Teachers

A shortage on teachers in New Mexico has caused the National Guard to become substitute teachers. How will this affect the future of teaching, and education?

An Olympic skater skating over Olympic symbols painted on ice.

Olympic Athletes Deserve Better

Olympic athletes, some of world’s best athletes, are expected to endure intensive training and compete without proper pay.