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She loves to bake, draw — mostly cartoons, and is ready to change the way law enforcement operates. Sociology major Destiny Munoz is a first-generation student who is graduating from Whittier College this year, despite it only being her third year. She had around 24 credits from East Los Angeles College coming into WC, as her high school highly encouraged students to take as many college courses as possible.  Because these classes were offered for free, Munoz took advantage of that, and dedicated an entire summer to taking courses that would later count for college credits. She even took courses at El Camino College last summer, which helped to fulfill some of WC’s Breadth requirements.

The small class sizes at WC contributed to Munoz’s decision to attend. Her high school also had small class sizes, and she wanted to remain in a similar, comfortable environment. The ability to have one-on-one interactions with faculty was something she appreciated about her school, and this fondness transferred to WC. At the College, she was able to meet various people from different disciplines, all of whom she was able to learn from when forming friendships.

For the most part, it was her father’s side of the family that inspired Munoz to become a sheriff. A lot of her family members are either in the Marine Corps or the Sheriff’s Department. She found law enforcement to be interesting, especially because it is not a job that requires the same day-to-day routine.

Always being so ahead of the game in her career path, Munoz has already taken the Deputy Explorer Program offered by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. This program trains young adults who are interested in law enforcement professions to develop certain skills, such as self-confidence, responsibility, independence, and compassion. “It was fun and intense. [ . . . ] I enjoyed the intense environment; it kept me on my feet,” said Munoz.

Of course, Munoz is very aware of the potential dangers that come with being involved in law enforcement, but she is not particularly worried. “At the end of the day, it’s all about helping those in need and serving communities that deserve to be protected,” she said. Munoz also acknowledges the particularly prevalent political climate surrounding police brutality and systemic racism, and is of the opinion that it is upsetting to see some bad officers, and that there needs to be improvements in the organization of law enforcement. With her degree in Sociology and her desire to change how law enforcement currently works, “I want to help bring a much more updated version of how to serve citizens with different backgrounds and having policies that are fit for our current societal needs,” said Munoz. This is another reason she wants to become a sheriff in the first place.

Although the Sheriff’s Department only requires a high school diploma to join, Munoz wanted to join with a Bachelor’s Degree. She was keen on studying Sociology regardless of her interest in law enforcement, as both fields work hand-in-hand.

The advice Munoz has for Whittier College students is to always go with the flow; “You never know what opportunities will be waiting in the near future,” said Munoz. Whittier College offers so many resources to their students — always take advantage of them!

Feature image: Courtesy of Destiny Munoz

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