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After nearly two years on hiatus, Drama Club is coming back with Donald Harris as president and Vega Sherman-Seitz as Vice President. Well rested and anxious to get back on stage, the club has big plans for what Drama Club will look like in the ‘22-’23 year. 

One big goal is to do completely student-run shows, with a student’s script, a student director, student players, and so on. Sherman-Seitz expressed the club’s interest in student plays because some students write one for their senior project. In my past three years at Whittier, I have read some amazing pieces from my peers, stories that deserve to be performed. Drama Club’s goal is to be “Running a little theater company on the side”, says president Donald Harris, so that students who want to do ‘movement plays’ or musicals can perform what they wish, even if it can only be seen at a showcase. 

Sherman-Seitz also mentioned the idea of 24-hour plays in Drama Club. 24-hour plays include a group coming together, and then creating a 10-minute play overnight that has to be ready by morning. Plays and casts are announced, all-day rehearsals commence, and then the house opens for the show. It’s a high-energy, time-constrained activity meant to challenge managers, directors, and actors. Drama club seeks to create more performance opportunities, as the college only does about three productions per year, as opposed to Rio Hondo, where Donald Harris comes from, which does about seven to nine. 

Whittier College’s theater department itself has planned plays with Detroit ‘67, set to premiere October 6-9th 2022, and in the spring, the quite famous She Kills Monsters will play February 23rd-26th. For those who are interested, drama club is a great low-stakes introduction to the environment. 

Another goal of Drama Club is to set up workshops, like special effects makeup, costumes, and tech. A part of being a theater major is doing practicum, which would be helping out with an aspect of production in The Shannon Center. Unlike practicum, these workshops will be available to everybody, and peers will be there to teach you skills like sewing, woodworking, painting, and makeup application.  They will also be going over technology, like microphones, lights, and music. The Shannon center has a lot of moving parts, and it’s mainly students that work them. These are all fundamental skills that anyone, regardless of if their stage career ends at graduation, will help with being involved in the theater for your time on campus. 

Drama Club also has the potential to benefit the new Film major here on campus, which was added because of the overwhelming interest demonstrated in Whittier Scholars Program. Filmmakers on campus need actors to make their stories come to life; likewise, actors on campus need stories to be a part of. 

Drama Club is open to everyone; not just theater majors. “Half our board members aren’t theater majors.” the VP remarked. 

“We are small, but we can regrow… We’re excited to present more opportunities and customization for students (to perform) even if just on a showcase level.” says Harris. 

With so many fun and exciting things planned, you may ask yourself, how do I get involved?  

Their first club meeting was Thursday, September 1st at 5pm. If anyone has additional questions, they may contact the club through their Instagram @whittier_loves_drama, or through Engage.    

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