Whittier Athletics Adjusts to COVID-19 Adaptations

Whittier College’s sports have return but during a time where precautions are bring made, how as our athletics department adjusted to this?

Messi and Ronaldo’s New Look on the Field

The two biggest names in soccer and a new look as Messi and Ronaldo have both changed teams for the first time in the same transfer window.

The Graham Athletic Center.

Whittier College Welcomes Sports Back

After over a year and a half, Whittier College finally welcomes sports teams, from water polo to cross country, back to campus.

A member of Poet eSports playing in the new lounge.

Whittier College Starts Up New eSports Lounge

Whittier College’s eSports Club has been expanding in recent months. With the addition of their new gaming lounge, they can grow even more.

Derek Chauvin's reaction to being convicted.

The Sports World on the Derek Chauvin Trial

Athletes have always connected the sports world with politics; the outpour of responses to the Derek Chauvin trial further solidifies this.

The MLB All-Star Game logo.

Political Climate of Atlanta in the Sports World

Atlanta, Georgia recently lost the privilege of hosting the MLB All-Star. Why did this happen, and why is Atlanta being punished?

Jackie Robinson Day’s History in the MLB

Major League Baseball once again celebrates Jackie Robinson Day on April 15 and 16, honoring the iconic man and everything he stood for.

Brooklyn Nets: Superteam Looking for a Championship?

Is the NBA ready for yet another superteam — likely to be the Brooklyn Nets this year — to win the championship?

A football, mask, and hand sanitizer on a football field.

The Pandemic’s Toll on High School to College Football

The pandemic has and a toll on every sport but more on high school and college sports and the biggest of these, football, as seen it worse.

A pile of sports trading cards.

Cardboard Cards and Quarantine

While people found themselves quarantined in the past year, collectable cards have risen in popularity. Why is this the case?