LA Rams Beat Bengals in Super Bowl LVI

The Rams have finally won the Super Bowl in L.A.; what does this mean to the city, and how impactful is their win?

Tom Brady Finally Retires . . . Maybe?

After over 20 years Tom Brady is retiring from football making a case for himself as one if not the greatest player of all time.

Whittier College: Softball’s Opening Day

WC softball has returned after a two-year pandemic break, and the players are more than ready to take on the challenge of a new season.

Brian Flores Sues NFL

Ex Miami Dolphins Coach Brian Flores is suing the NFL for not having a fair chance to be hired based on race, what does this mean for the NFL?

Remembering Kobe Bryant, Two Years Later

Kobe Bryant was an icon not just to L.A., but to the whole basketball world. After two years, we still remember him and his great success.

A picture of Michael Estrada and Savannah Huizar.

The Secret Life of Athletic Trainers

Meet the real people behind all the pre-hab, rehab, and post-hab of Whittier College’s Graham Athletics Center.

A picture of Whittier College's football team.

Tailgate Celebrates the End of Football Season

The tailgate is ideal for the football team: it lifts their spirits right before tackling the field.

A picture of Dylan Sanchez.

Dylan Sanchez: Do Student Athletes Have More Privilege?

Non-athletes cannot relate to the busy and demanding day-to-day life of those in collegiate sports on the Whittier College campus.

Where Does Football’s Credibility Stand?

Millions of high school football programs kicked off their season over the weeks; one school stole headlines, but not for the right reasons.

Whittier Athletics Adjusts to COVID-19 Adaptations

Whittier College’s sports have return but during a time where precautions are bring made, how as our athletics department adjusted to this?