Empty street in Los Angeles

COVID-19 Cases Are Rising, Can We Expect Another Lockdown?

COVID-19 cases have been rising in the U.S., and experts say the winter months won’t make things easier. Will the U.S. get another lockdown?

a red map of the united states against a black background with the arm of the statue of liberty holding a green torch with red fire

Biden Won, Though That Will Not Erase Those Who Supported Trump

Yes, Biden won the election, but the fact that many still voted for Trump shows that America still has a long way to go.

Women in a pro-choice rally holding signs, one of which says "my body my choice"

It’s Called Pro-Life, But Spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S

Last week, Louisiana passed Amendment 1 which states that abortions will not be protected by the state’s constitution. But who does it harm?

image of a soldier facing backwards saluting the american flag in the background

Supporting Our Veterans Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day

On Nov. 11, we celebrate the bravery of our veterans, but we should also take the time to understand ways we can help support them.

graphic of a young latina girl wearing a pink dress holding a sign that says "What about my life?'

Trump’s New ‘Holiday’ is Definitive Proof He is Racist

President Trump proclaimed Nov. 1 to be a new holiday for the American people. However, this ‘holiday’ is not as innocent as it seems.

Whittier Students Respond to the 2020 Election Results

The QC has compiled student voices from across the Whittier College campus as they react to the final results of this stress-ridden election

Youth at voting polls standing in front of table with computers with a mini American flag in the middle of the table.

Youth Voters in the 2020 Election: “We Vote For Change”

Voters have the chance to use their vote to create changes, and the youth voters, in particular, are all too aware of that.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett sitting behind a desk at her Senate hearing for the nomination of Supreme Court Justice

Can You Name the Rights Outlined in the First Amendment? Barrett Can’t

Justice Amy Coney Barrett could not name all five rights outlined in the First Amendment. Is she really qualified for her new position?

No, the U.S. Government Is Still Not Done Oppressing Natives

One in three Native Americans are in poverty, and it is through no fault of their own. Policies from the past are still affecting them today.

2020 Election Predictions: Who Will Claim Victory on Nov. 3?

With the 2020 election now nearly here, one of Quaker Campus’ own writers predicts who may claim victory in this election.