Drawing of Kamala Harris looking to the right with Mike Pence next to her looking to the left. Both are surrounded by a blue border.

Sen. Kamala Harris Has the Upper-Hand For This Vice-Presidential Debate

After last week’s debate, the vice-presidential candidates will have to do better, but Sen. Harris may already have what she needs to win.

A white envelope graphic with the word vote across in red with a check and the USPS logo on top against a light blue background with a red border

Will Mail-In Voting Really Have a Negative Impact on the Election?

President Trump and his supporters have been vocal about their opposition to mail-in voting, but it may not be as bad as they say.

a man in a graduation gown smiling at the camera with the words We Are Prop 16, #YesOnProp16 next to him

Proposition 16 Will Give an Advantage to the Disadvantaged

Voting yes on Prop 16 will help reinstate affirmative action, which opens opportunites to underrepresented groups held back by the system.

Justice Not Only Delayed, But Denied – #SayHerName

On Sept. 23, the American justice system failed its very own citizen, Breonna Taylor, by not charging a single officer for her murder.

What Will Happen If The Roe v. Wade Case is Overturned?

On Sep. 26, President Trump nominated federal judge Amy Coney Barrett, an anti-abortion Catholic. What will this mean for Roe v. Wade?

digital drawing of a silver police badge with the words protect and serve on a blue blackground

Police Reform Begins With Proper Training of Police Officers

With the latest cases of police brutality, perhaps the police needs to reform how long they train their officers.

Will Biden Win Over Swing State Florida’s Latinx Voters?

According to recent polling, it seems like presidential candidate Joe Biden will have have to do more to win over Latinx voters in Florida.

student sitting down with an open book on her desk while looking away

Whittier College’s New Module System: For Better or For Worse?

Whittier College created a module system to make it easier for students to balance their online classes, but it may just make it harder.

A hand holding a gold coin of the Nobel Peace Prize

It is Poison, Not Peace, That Trump Brings – Especially to Our Nation

President Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but considering what is happening in America, he is far from deserving.

An arm raised into a fist in front of a crowd of people whose fists are raised as well

Black Lives Matter is Not an Aesthetic, it is Change

Black Lives Matter is not just a hashtag or the latest trend. It is a social movement that calls for real action and change.