graphic of three people with signs opposing the mask mandate looking unsurely to the side where a covid virus is holding a sign saying "I'm with them"

Forgetting the Failures of the Past: An American Tradition

After nearly one year of COVID-19, it is clear that the lessons we ought to have learned in the 1918 pandemic continue to go unregarded.

areial image of a migrant camp with a line of tents and children lining up to go inside of one of them

Biden, You Have Not Been Keeping Your Promises Lately

President Joe Biden has opened up a migrant camp in response to a rise in migrant children. Is this a step backwards for his administration?

A woman being silenced.

Yes, I am a Woman; No, I Will Not Be Silenced in the Classroom

Whittier College has a problem with men taking up too much discussion space in the classrooms, not giving women a chance to partake.

Timberlake Weaponized Tabloids Without Regard for Consequences

Justin Timberlake thought a public apology 20 years late would be enough, but it will never make up for his actions.

Vaccine Influencers Can Make Public Health a Trend

Elvis Presley getting the polio vaccine led to an increase in vaccinations, can the same trend be done with our current influencers?

Photo of the top three democrats in congress: steny hoyer, chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi standing in front of a podium

Looking Towards the Midterms, and Leaving Trump Behind

A couple weeks after Trump has been acquitted, and Democrats are still focused on him rather than the 2022 midterm elections.

The words student debt written on paper in the middle of the photo surrounded by cash and coins

Is Biden Really Planning on Keeping All His Promises?

Last week, President Biden rejected the Democrats $50,000 student loan forgiveness plan. Is he beginning to break his promises?

photo of Rush Limbaugh speaking at a podium

Respect is Never Owed to Anyone, Not Even to the Dead

Rush Limbaugh may be dead, but his actions and words while alive shows he is not deserving of respect, even in the afterlife.

Photo of a church with an open door and two people going inside while another two linger on the outside

Is the Supreme Court Following Health Protocol or Politics?

The Supreme Court made the decision to lift California’s restrictions on worship places, but their intentions were not in the right place.

Graphic of an outline of Trump's head showing newspapers catching on fire against a black background

News Deserts Fuel the Fire that is Trumpism and Misinformation

The increasing problem that is news deserts shows us how it adds to Trumpism and allows misinformation to spread easily.