The Case for Voting Third Party – Especially in Safe States

Just because there are two major party candidates, doesn’t mean they are the only ones. It’s time to consider third party candidates.

two students, male and female, smiling as they open double doors while slightly looking in the opposite direction

What It’s Like to Have My Face Used in Whittier College Ads

You might have seen me before on Whittier College ads, but that doesn’t mean I know about every single ad with my face on it.

Pride rally taking place outside the Supreme Court Building with a person waving a pride flag

A Look at the LGBTQIA+ Community Under Trump and Biden

What has President Trump done for LGBTQ people and what will Biden do for them? No matter who wins, LGBTQIA+ rights are still important.

graphic drawing of amy coney barrett in a red robe with a white hat on her head, raising her right hand

Basic Human Rights Are at Stake With Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

Her silence and evasion of important issues during her hearing says everything you need to know about how Amy Coney Barrett will rule.

a graphic drawing of taylor swift with a light blue background and the words vote across her face

Do Celebrities Deserve to Have Their Own Opinions?

We are all encouraged to take a stance on issues that matter, no matter how controversial. But does that apply to celebrities too?

empty debate stage with podiums on either side of the picture, with a screen behind one of the podiums.

The Political Climate has Outgrown Presidential Debates

If the last presidential and vice-presidential debates has taught us anything, it is that we need to change what these debates are about.

left side of the graphic is a white windmill atop a green field with a yellow sky rising. On the right side of the graphic is a plain white background. In the middle of both sides are the words Green New Deal.

Which Candidate Will Actually Do Something About Climate Change?

Biden backed away from the Green New Deal during the presidential debate on Sep. 29. Can we still trust him to address climate change?

a hand holding out a tampon with the words not a luxury against a pinkish red background

De-stigmatizing Periods and Ending Period Poverty

Today is the second National Period Day, so let’s talk about how we can end period poverty and stop the stigma against periods.

false green coding layered over facebook and twitter logos

Effectiveness of Social Media Preventing the Spread of Misinformation

Social media is a way for people to express themselves, but how effective are they in preventing the spread of misinformation to its users?

Mr. Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris is Speaking

The Vice Presidential debate was surprisingly pretty civil, but Senator Harris ended up taking center stage of the debate.