graphic of a female student in front of a laptop while holding her head, with a thought bubble showing an image of the Capitol Building on fire

Coming of Age With the Weight of the World On Their Shoulders

With mental health decrease in teenagers, I interviewed my younger sisters on how they witness the collective trauma of our current moment.

Biden going through a set of doors inside the Capitol Building with a crowd of people surrounding him

Biden’s Only Promise On His 2020 Campaign Was Winning

Biden promised to win in the 2020 election, but now that he did, will he really be able to pass his proposed policies?

Side-by-side photo of a journalits being arrested by police in riot gear at a blm protest and a photo of a man in military gear storming the senate chamber

Spot the Difference: Insurrectionists at the Capitol vs. Police

No comparisons should be drawn between the BLM protests and the Capitol riots, but the police response at both events should be highlighted.

Trump standing with his fist raised with american flags behind him

Trump Caused This Tragedy, Let Him Face the Consequences

As the nation recovers from the Capitol riots, President Trump must finally face immediate consequences for his actions.

Black and White photo of the quad at Whittier College

Fall Semester Feedback Survey: Answered By The Students

A handful of the Quaker Campus staff writers collaborated to answer these questions honestly.

When White Liberalism Infiltrates Academia, What Good Does It Do?

White liberalism in academia does not amplify the voices of BIPOC students, it tends to overshadow them – unkowingly or not.

A man, Brandon Bernard, holding a picture of him and several others.

What Happened to the “Reform” Aspect of Imprisonment?

Brandon Bernard was committed to transforming himself into a better man than he was before behind bars. Yet, the death penalty ended that.

Side by side images of Biden and Trump

What Trump and Biden Show Us About Masculinity in America

The definition of what makes a man varies, but the 2020 presidential campaign shows different ways masculinity is defined in America.

Graphic of people carrying presents in the snow holding hands while wearing masks

Staying Connected During the Holidays In a Pandemic

With another stay-at-home order going into effect, staying connected with friends and family may even be harder during the holidays.

A church with empty pews

A Matter of Religion, or a Matter of Life and Death?

Despite the recent rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court on religious services, coronavirus restrictions should still be followed.