President-Elect Biden on Issues Affecting Gender Rights

Presidential Elect Joe Biden plans to address several gender-related social issues including women’s rights .

Last Module’s Grades to Be Published at End of the Semester

Students concluded their first module of the Fall semester, though grades will not be published on MyWhittier until the end of the semester.

Tensions Grow as Police Chief Michel Moore Faces Backlash From LAPD 

Chief Michel Moore of the LAPD is facing pressure to resign that cite a lack of leadership and defense of the police during BLM protests.

Nature’s Wake Up Call: How Deforestation Contributes to Pandemics

The Amazon rainforest is burning, the trees are on fire, and smoke is rising. Deforestation contributes to pandemics.

Joe Biden is the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elect

The Associated Press named Biden as the 2020 presidential race winner after he received his final electoral college points from Pennsylvania.

The Poet Food Pantry is Safe: New Takeout System

The Poet Food Pantry has adjusted to COVID-19 with a new, safer takeout system.

Trump gives his speech in the East room of the White House.

President Trump is Showing Signs of Rejecting the Election Results

Although not all votes have been counted yet, predictions are soaring left and right, and President Trump is preparing to reject the results.

Whittier College Campus Still Closed to the Community

The guest policy on campus has changed from last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bruce Smith gave the QC info about the current provisions.

Whittier College Announces New Community College Transfer Program

The California Community College Advantage Program leaves questions as to how the program works and how the pandemic could affect numbers. 

Whittier Community Fridge Shut Down by City Officials

The Whittier Community Fridge, which has provided free food for community members since August, closed its doors Friday, Oct. 23.