Douglas Manuel

Professor Spotlight: Blerd is the Word According to Douglas Manuel

Douglas Manuel talks candidly about his writing and his efforts to create a wider range of examples of Black masculinity.

Abby Salmon

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Abby Salmon Edition

Abby Salmon is excited by challenge of math and was thrilled by the opportunity to combine it with her other passion of sports through WSP.

Andrew Williams

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Williams Edition

Williams is a WSP major who “fell in love with water and how it interacts with the environment, politics, and economics.”

Oscar Aliaga

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Oscar Aliaga Edition

Unlike what many tend to think, football players are not in college just to focus on developing their athletic abilities.

Friday Fundraising Collective Uses Social Media to Support Community

Since starting in June, the Collective has redistributed $55,304.33 in donations for BIPOC organizations, all by simply posting on Instagram.

Lisa Hernandez

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Lisa Hernandez Edition

Lisa Hernandez, spread her wings at Whittier College, and is now doing research with Dr. Peterson, which earned her a fellowship.

Shan Deneen

Senior Spotlight: Shan Deneen Edition

Shan Deneen chose to pursue STEM despite prior discouragement, and is now being published alongside her mentor.

Dr. José Calderón

Dr. José Calderón: Vision for Progress

Through access to higher education, Calderón says, we can infiltrate the institutions that have historically suppressed our communities.

Olive Avenue Market in Redlands, CA

Small Business, Big Impact: Olive Ave. Market Holds Community Together

Rozzi misses the sense that her business is an entry point to the community of Redlands for college students

Photo of Gianluca Bencomo

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Gianluca Bencomo Edition

Bencomo’s philosophical approach to life balances on an understanding of life’s temperance and a desire to make the most of it.