Senior Spotlight Sundays: Kole Joachim Edition

“After all, college is not only about growing in your academics,” Joachim encourages, “but also growing as an individual as well.”

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Gabriel Pridgen-Daniels

He originally went to the recruiting office just to talk to the Navy SEAL team, but they told him his mindset was fit for a Navy SEAL.

Remembering Our Friend, President Gene Mills

“Gene lived up to the Quaker values of caring, compassion, service, and leadership. We were all very sad to hear of his passing,” Doc shared.

Offhand Disney: The Happiest Place Online

With California theme parks still shut down, Offhand Disney brings the magic of Disneyland home through his YouTube vides and storytelling.

Tattoo done by @klem1891 on Instagram.

How Tattoo Artists are Faring During the Pandemic

Arguably, tattoo shops are just as clean and safe as a hospital, so why haven’t they been allowed to open during the pandemic?

A New Ear for Gender Equity

Dr. Ann Kakalarious knows, that Whittier College needs to take action create a truly equitable environment.

Lessons in Self-Isolated Sustainable Farming from Cuba

The fall of the Soviets and the United States-led trade embargo put Cuba in an economic situation worse than the Great Depression.

Daisy Machado: From El Salvador to Our Hearts in Whittier

Daisy Machado, Salvadoran mother of four, brightens the campus as she serves as a “second mom” to many students.