Image of the Duke and his mother

Reimaging of Bridgerton

If Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey had a baby, it would be Shonda Rhimes’s reimagining of the 20-year-old book series Bridgerton.

Image of someone sitting on the couch

Apple Music’s Nature and Nurture

This week, Apple Music talks about families again. This time, we are talking about how familial relationships impact the rest of our lives.

Graphic of an outline of Trump's head showing newspapers catching on fire against a black background

News Deserts Fuel the Fire that is Trumpism and Misinformation

The increasing problem that is news deserts shows us how it adds to Trumpism and allows misinformation to spread easily.

Photo of former Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, looking sligthly towards the left

The Nobel Prize Is Illegitimate as an Award and an Organization

Despite undoubtedly committing genocide, the Nobel Prize committee refuses to even condemn Suu Kyi, showing that major flaws exist.

Photo of mother working on her laptop while carrying her child

The Most Important Social Program You Don’t Care About

Despite being often overlooked, free childcare and parental leave are perhaps just as important when it comes to gender discrimination.

Photo of Gina Carano in a yellow dress posing at the premier for the televisions series "The Mandalorian"

Gina Carano is Problematic, That’s Why She Needed To Go

Gina Carano was recently fired from The Mandalorian and despite what conservatives think, she was only being held accountable.

Image of Lara Jean and Peter

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Falling Into the Trap of Clichés

To All the Boys: Always and Forever tackles an existential issue that high school couples go through, but falls into the trap of clichés.

Don’t Be Deceived By Summer’s Eve Products; Natural is the Way to Go

Companies like Summer’s Eve make a profit by selling feminine hygiene products despite the fact they may not even be needed at all.

For Your Consideration: Panthers Lives On in Judas and the Black Messiah

Ready to hear about a movie that will likely teach you more about Black history than most high schools in the U.S.?

Apple Music’s Found Families

Apple Music has a wonderful theme for celebrating Black History Month this week: chosen families.