People at a concert with colorful lights over the crowd

Ticketmaster Imagines Concerts in a COVID-World

To combat the impact of the coronavirus on concerts, Ticketmaster is working on a way to use smartphones to verify whether customers have been tested or vaccinated for COVID-19.

Drawing of Barbie in pink, sitting with her legs bent and leaning back

It’s a Barbie World, We’re Just Living in It

Barbie endures as a symbol of childhood nostalgia, but her story adapts within modern sociopolitical context.

Castiel with tears in his eyes and Dean with a blank face as Destiel is supposedlly confirmed

Did Supernatural Bury Their Gays? We Need to Talk About ‘Destiel’

If you aren’t familiar with Supernatural, ‘Destiel’ is the ship name for the characters Dean Winchester, a demon hunter, and Castiel, an angel.

the text "let us out" on a bridge over the la river

Hit or Miss: COVID-19 Representation in Entertainment

The problem with some coronavirus-themed entertainment is that it is a little too on-the-nose and too out-of-touch.

Alex Trebek pointing to a picture of himself

Remembering Alex Trebek in His Philanthropy

Trebek entered the hearts of the world through hosting Jeopardy!; the show became a family pastime, going back for generations to test trivia knowledge.Unfortunately, on Nov. 8, Trebek died peacefully in his sleep after a short but harrowing battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Remy the rat from Ratatouille holding cheese over his head while plates break behind him

TikTok Serves up Ratatouille . . . the Musical?

For the past few weeks on TikTok, many creators have come together to create a musical based on the Pixar movie Ratatouille. The hashtag #ratatouillethemusical has over two million views, and there are countless song and choreography entries. 

the upside down american flag is the cover of our playlist

Playlist: Quaker Campus Election Mood

The Quaker Campus has put together a collection of songs reflecting our thoughts and feelings while watching the election.

Eleanor Rigby: A Murder Uncovered

Celebrating Halloween is a good way to get one’s mind off of the state of the world. In order to do that, let’s uncover a story — a story of deception, loneliness, and murder. No, we’re not talking about a horror movie or a Steven King book; we’re talking about “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles!

Reggie, Alex, and Luke (the Phantoms) stand behind Julie as she is at the piano

Julie and the Phantoms is “Perfect Harmony”

Julie and the Phantoms takes the musical to the next level with humor and powerful vocalists, but does not shy from mature writing.

What’s Up With McDonald’s Collaborations?

Hip-hop artist Travis Scott unveiled his collaboration with McDonald’s on Sept. 8 of this year. What did that mean exactly?