a screencap from Skyrim, a game Bethesda created

The Battle Between Xbox and PlayStation: Microsoft Buys Bethesda

It was no surprise when Xbox and PlayStation announced their new consoles. Then, Microsoft, the owner of Xbox, bought Bethesda.

Covers of dystopian novels

Who Needs Dystopians When You’re Living Them?

Dystopia? In my society? In the current political climate, it honestly just feels taxing to see another ‘dystopian’ novel tell us the same story.

BLACKPINK The Album cover, a pink tiara with a black background

BLACKPINK: The “Lovesick Girls” Return

The lovesick girls are finally here! (Actually, they’re back.)On Oct. 1, our girls, BLACKPINK, came back with a new title track, “Lovesick Girls,” leading their first full-length, eight-track album.

TikTok logo over black background with the words "The future of TikTok is on the Clock"

The TikTok-pocalypse in the U.S.

Buckle up because this is a long, winding road through the TikTok apocalypse timeline, taking us through questions such as “what is free speech” or “to whom should we give the fundamental right of collecting our data?”

Bad Bunny performing on a bus.

El Conejo Malo is More Than a Latin Trap Artist 

During his time as a musical artist, Bad Bunny has changed the Latin Music industry while also being a social justice icon.

A collage of 2K sports games.

Game Prices Are Going Up, but is That a Bad Thing?

Is it worth it to spend $70 on just one video game? The answer lies in how much quality you expect from a game’s graphics.

The Oscars' award.

New Oscars Inclusion Standards Cause Controversy

The new standards for the Oscars’ Best Picture category regarding representation and inclusion are adding to the chaos of 2020 Hollywood.

Officer in riot gear transposed over a red TV with blood dripping

Entertainment’s Role in Promoting “Copaganda” On Screen

With calls to defund the police and more awareness about copaganda what is entertainment’s role in addressing how they portray cops? 

Aang, Katara, and Sokka smirk at the screen

Hello Nostalgia, My Old Friend

It is no surprise, that in the midst of a global pandemic, many people find themselves turning to familiarity for a sense of comfort.

Jessie Buckley's character "Lucy" is posed drinking a glass of wine under the title "I'm thinking of ending things."

I wish this movie would have “ended things” halfway through

I, and probably everyone, watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things twice, because there’s a twist ending that makes everything come together.