Haley Vallejo
Assist. Campus Life Editor

It is a little known fact that Whittier College has its special collections of archives open to the public and for student use. The Repository, known as the Poet Commons, is administered by Whittier College’s Wardman Library. Wardman Library has worked to make these collections easy to use and accessible for everyone who wants to know more about the College and student works. The Poet Commons comprises all of what makes our Whittier community great. The collection, which continues to grow, includes student research and scholarship, faculty publications, WC history, and the unique materials of the Library’s Archives and Special Collections. The goal of Poet Commons is to share the academic and creative culture of our community.

Poet Commons / Whittier College

The Institutional Repositories aims to preserve and provide access to research, institutional history, and unique collections. You can view documents as old as the college itself. Student work is also easily accessible to view. The writers’ profiles and their uploaded works can be found under ‘Authors.’ Seeing the work from people I have met while attending Whittier definitely makes me feel a sense of community and pride for my fellow Poets. Some of the writers for the Quaker Campus are featured in the collections of The Greenleaf Reviewthe Whittier College Literary Review by Sigma Tau Delta — which publishes poetry, short stories, plays, and essays. The collection includes copies of the publication all the way back to 1986 when it was resuscitated by the College’s chapter of the national English honorary.

The Archives and Special Collections include copies of the Acropolis, the former annual yearbook that includes the school year’s events, class members, student organizations, student clubs, student societies, faculty, administration, and sports. The oldest yearbook on the Poet Commons is over 100 years old, dating all the way back to 1915! In addition, Whittier College’s magazine The Rock also has publications dating back to 1901. Little pieces of Whittier’s history can be found on the Poet Commons, and people from all around the world are viewing it, with over 4,600 downloads this past year! 

The Poet Commons continues to grow, as you are able to upload your own writing or other works too. If you want to be a part of the history of our college, make sure to check out the Poet Commons and all the information it holds. Your work can be viewed by people all around the world, and you too can be a part of the College’s history. Help be a part of the change as the College grows and cement yourself in its history.

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Haley Vallejo is currently a third-year studying digital media and design with a minor in marketing. Haley has been writing for the Quaker Campus since 2019. She is currently Campus Life Assistant Editor for the QC. Haley enjoys writing about activism, arts and culture, and campus events.

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