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This article is also available in print: Quaker Campus, Volume 19 – Issue 6, dated Nov. 17, 2021, on the Whittier College campus.

Despite repairs, Campus Safety continues to announce numerous reports regarding the poor condition of the Science and Learning Center elevator.

On Oct. 18, students received an email from the Department of Campus Safety, which read:

“Message to the Campus Community:
The elevator in the Science and Learning Center is currently down. Technicians are scheduled to repair it tomorrow morning. A follow-up message will be sent when it is operational.”

The SLC  is one of Whittier College’s largest and most modern facilities the school provides to its students (apart from Turner Hall). Many students majoring in most of Whittier’s science and mathematics programs have utilized this building for their classes, with some having all of their classes situated in there. While the SLC contains three stairwells on the left, middle, and right sides of the building, it also has an elevator for those who choose not to use the stairs. Many students utilize this exact elevator to reach higher levels of the building, often alleviating the stress of having to climb up to their next class.

On Oct. 19, Campus Safety released another email explaining that the “elevator in the science and learning center has been repaired.” The following day, students were again notified of the elevator’s disrepair. On Oct. 21, another email was sent notifying the elevator’s functioning status. For a period of time, it almost seemed as if things would go back to normal. However, the elevator would break down again on Oct. 27, with Campus Safety reporting that the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric would assess and resolve the issue.

It has been officially reported that, during one of the breakdowns, one student was stuck in the elevator. Fortunately, the fire department was called in to resolve the issue, and the student was assisted out of the elevator without incident.

With the influx of emails, many have wondered: why is the elevator in such disrepair? How long will it take for the elevator to function as it normally should? Some have even asked: why not replace the elevator altogether? While we do not know the exact reason(s) for the elevator’s disrepair, the frequency of the SLC’s elevator problems seem to occur at an alarming rate.

Campus Safety has continued to send emails regarding the condition of the elevator into the month of November, with one email going out on Nov. 15, a week before Thanksgiving Break. Although Campus Safety’s diligence of keeping students informed and safe, it would be preferable if they were more transparent about their reports. Hopefully, this entire elevator escapade comes to a complete conclusion soon.

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Sage Amdahl 

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