COVID-19 Graphic outlining various relief efforts

Local COVID-19 Relief Resources

On Jan. 11, 2021, Los Angeles Public Health tweeted that ten people in LA County test positive for COVID-19 every minute. For those of us in Southern California, we remain in the Regional Stay at Home order. As of January, there have been 36,170,528 tests conducted in California alone. As more people are being affected by the pandemic, here are some local L.A. County resources.

Coping With Year-Long Trauma

Following a tragic event, finding ways to cope with your thoughts and feelings is essential to staying healthy.

Professors Dedicated to Brightening Zoom Classes

The shift to distance learning left much to be desired for both students and professors, though some have stepped up despite the struggles.

Autism 101: Student Disability Center Brings Awareness

This past Tuesday, Nov. 9, the Student Disability Center and the Counseling Center hosted a workshop for Autism Awareness.

flier for the event

Processing the 2020 Election

Dr. Sara Angevine‚Äôs class hosted the community discussion panel, Let’s Process the Process: Election 2020 Virtual Panel