What’s Up With McDonald’s Collaborations?

Hip-hop artist Travis Scott unveiled his collaboration with McDonald’s on Sept. 8 of this year. What did that mean exactly?

various adobe Flash logos, the letter f on red backgrounds

The Legacy and Legend of Adobe Flash

Adobe’s multimedia program was a seminal part of internet culture in the 2000’s. In 2016, Adobe announced that it was ending support for Flash as of December 2020.

Promotional shot of Cyberpunk with a man in a hoody holding a gun

“Crunch” Spurs Potential Gaming Industry Unions

Crunch is, in its most basic form, excessive overtime: when game developers have to put in extremely long hours towards the end of a game’s development in order to get it finished for the product’s release date. Crunch can often mean working 60 to 80 hours a week, sometimes going up to 100 hours in more severe cases. Is it really a surprise these conditions have led to talks of unionizing?

a screencap from Skyrim, a game Bethesda created

The Battle Between Xbox and PlayStation: Microsoft Buys Bethesda

It was no surprise when Xbox and PlayStation announced their new consoles. Then, Microsoft, the owner of Xbox, bought Bethesda.

A collage of 2K sports games.

Game Prices Are Going Up, but is That a Bad Thing?

Is it worth it to spend $70 on just one video game? The answer lies in how much quality you expect from a game’s graphics.

The Oscars' award.

New Oscars Inclusion Standards Cause Controversy

The new standards for the Oscars’ Best Picture category regarding representation and inclusion are adding to the chaos of 2020 Hollywood.