A look at the Lillian Slade Aquatic Center

Men’s Water Polo Seeks to Make Waves

The Poets’ Men’s Water Polo strives for success in their 2022 season, representing a water polo team that has seen success in the past.

Poets' Player Kicking the Ball

Women’s Soccer Off on the Right Foot

Women’s soccer began their 2022 season, starting off on the right foot with early success. They aim to keep this success going.

Photo of the Hartley House with sunlight puring through the branches and green leaves of the trees surrounding the building.

Lights, Cameras, No Bills!: Discussion with Francis Maxwell

Francis Maxwell discussed his story and inspiration for his brilliant film Post No Bills at the Hartley House.

Photo of Mendenhall. The tan building is the background, while a sign saying "Welcome to Whittier" is in the foreground.

New Registration Schedule Aims to Ease Student Stress

The College sent out an email on September 20, talking about the new registration process in order to help alleviate stress.

Photo depicting the performers of Open Mic Night holding roses against a brown and white background.

KPOET Open Mic Night Gets Unzipped

The first Open Mic Night occurred, where Whittier College students came together celebrating poetry, music, and most of all – community. 

Photo showing the Student Disabilities Services. The building is bright blue, with multiple windows.

Protecting Students With Disabilities

A special needs student was sexually assaulted in Pasadena, begging questions of protections of students with disabilities.

A photo of the inside of the Campus Inn. The picture shows the buffet serving areas, with a few students walking and waiting by.

Bon Appetit Worker’s Push to Unionize

Bon Appetit Managing’s contract with the College’s workers union expired and the workers are asking students to support for better treatment.

Picture of a older, white man wearing a black mask getting a booster vaccination from a nurse in green scrubs, a blue mask, and a face shield.

A Quick Jab to Boost COVID Protection

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, the COVID-19 Taskforce sent out an email strongly urging students to receive the new bivalent booster.

We have seven years to change climate policy

Climate Anxiety On The Rise

Much of our current climate conditions are failing leading to climate anxieties to rise. Will conditions worsen and result in our extinction?

Man stands in front of a colorful mural depicting a heart with angel wings and a halo.

STREET SMART: The Artist Known as M. is Getting Her Close Up

Hall is first and foremost a street artist who is artistically known as “M.” She is finally getting to show her art to the world.