Two tacos offered on the Off the Hook menu

Sip & Snack Series: Off the Hook Fish Grill

Off The Hook was founded around five years ago by Neil and Martin, two health freaks in the industry looking to create a place with fresh and healthy food.

Dune: The Beginning of the Journey

The highly-anticipated film, Dune, premiered on Oct. 22 in theaters and HBO Max and has lured sci-fi fans to theaters across the nation.

Side view photo of Platner Hall

Not Enough Study Abroad Opportunities for Students

This year, students are very much limited when it comes to choosing a study abroad program which is a problem that should be fixed.

Photo of a dorm with a bed on the left with books on top and a bunk bed to the right. A desk with a laptop on it is in between the two beds

Bugs: A Serious Problem for Whittier College?

There has seemingly been many complaints regarding bugs on campus, but is it as serious as students are making it out to be?

Revival of the Shoegaze Scene in L.A.

The rising band from L.A., julie, performed on Aug. 14 at Junior High in Glendale, a non-profit space that supports artists in the community.

Media is Obsessed With White Women

The case of Gabby Petito has taken over social media, but it begs the question, why has her case gotten so much coverage?

oil spill on orange county beach

Oil Spill Strikes Southern California Coast

On Saturday, Oct. 2,  an extensive oil spill from the Amplify Energy Corp. owned oil platform “Elly” struck the Huntington Beach coastline.

Where Does Football’s Credibility Stand?

Millions of high school football programs kicked off their season over the weeks; one school stole headlines, but not for the right reasons.

Not a One-Hit Wonder: A Review of MONTERO

With cover art that is reminiscent of a renaissance painting, it’s no wonder MONTERO is considered a masterpiece.

Whittier Introduces On-Campus Testing Site

On Sept. 15, 2021, the Whittier College COVID-19 Compliance Task Force sent out an email the community about WC’s new testing procedures.