Photo collage of the ASWC senate candidates

Are the ASWC Elections Really as Democratic as They Seem?

For this year’s ASWC elections, only one candidate ran per position. This shows the barriers and lack of transparency from the Senate.

a young girl holds a sign saying "fight for love" at a love whittier event

Love Whittier: Poets in the Community

Love Whittier looks a little different this year; instead of one day of events, Love Whittier has extended to 21 days throughout May.

A close up of an illustration of the face of an indigenous women looking to the right with a red handprint over her mouth while wearing a red coat

When Will There Be Justice For Indigenous Women?

For too long, little has been done to bring justice to the large number of missing and murdered indigenous women. This needs to change, now.

A picture of Kakenya Ntaiya.

Three Female Trailblazers Whose Ambitions Knew No Bounds

This women’s history month, we remember women whose persistence in overcoming obstacles have had lasting impacts on the world.

Two people walking on college campus at night.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct on Whittier College’s Small Campus: 2020 HEDS Survey

The Quaker Campus has summarized the findings of the unreleased 2020 HEDS Climate Report and ways for reporting sexual misconduct on campus.

areial image of a migrant camp with a line of tents and children lining up to go inside of one of them

Biden, You Have Not Been Keeping Your Promises Lately

President Joe Biden has opened up a migrant camp in response to a rise in migrant children. Is this a step backwards for his administration?

“I Care A Lot” Succeeds in the Creation of Despicable Women

I Care A Lot provides female characters that are evil, immoral, criminals that you do not idolize, and can still be oh so fun to hate.

Amazon’s The Wilds Conquers Watered-Down Teen Dramas

The Wilds breaks barriers and assures teenagers that, they are not crazy or alone — that is just what the media is raising them to believe.

Trump Inciting Insurrections Spurs Accusations of Fascism

We are examining this prospect of how the Trump Administration relates to a recently popular criteria on which to examine facism.

Examining the Questionable Tweets of Whittier City Council Member Jessica Martinez

Compiled tweets available on City Council member Jessica Martinez’s Twitter account that she told the City Council that she “stands by.”