Photo of Sacheen Littlefeather smiling during an Academy event.

Remembering the Life of Sacheen Littlefeather

Sacheen Littlefeather’ passed away on October 3 and her legacy consists of advocating for Indigenous rights.

Photo of the American rapper, Pitbull, onstage performring in an all-black suit.

Feel The Moment With Pitbull

From July 28 to October 19, American rapper, Pitbull, performed all over North America for his Can’t Stop Us Now tour.

Black and white photograph of Uptown Whittier in the past.

The Unknown History and Paranormal Activity of Whittier

From creepy stories that take place in Wardman Theater to other places in Uptown Whittier, find out what local sites may be haunted.

A helpful infographic showcasing the different propositions there are for the 2022 Midterms.

Progressive Voters Guide to Midterms 2022

The midterm elections are coming up November 8th, so here is a helpful guide on progressive politicians and propositions to vote for.

Photo of actor, Evan Peters, with golden lighting hitting his face in front of a black background.

Netflix’s “Dahmer” & The Serial Killer Infatuation

The controversial Netflix series about the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, has stirred an uproar in social media.

A wide variety of colorful fentanyl

The Fentanyl Crisis is No Fun

The fentanyl crisis has hit communities hard, but Whittier College has a plan in case there is an overdose on and off campus.

Photo of actors Florence Pugh and Harry Styles smiling lovingly at each other.

Don’t Worry There Is No Feminism

Don’t Worry Darling has been claimed to be a feminist film, but does this psychological thriller represent feminism?

Metaphonians Rush To Come Together

Dulce Martinez, the Fall 2022 Mets Society president, dedicated her early morning Saturday to setting up the hall for the day excursion, which included a field trip to Santa Monica pier, lots of games, and a craft hour at one of the members’ houses. This was the Mets Society rush –, an event that gives old and new recruits the opportunity to familiarize with one another and to build community. 

Photo of many football players around an injured man, with a doctor helping said man.

Another Body on the Ground

Football is very physical, which makes it brutal and dangerous, but there are rules and policies in place to ensure that these players are protected, especially if they have a concussion.

Marigolds Are More Than Just Pretty

Marigolds Are Not Just “Pretty”

Día de los Muertos is a celebratory day in Latinx communities. But, when will non-Latinx individuals stop appropriating items like marigolds?