Image of Kehlani and Megan Thee Stallion talking about being women in music

Transforming Trauma: Women in the Music Industry

While women have constantly been exploited, they have also used their past to show that trauma does not have to define you through music.

Graphic of people carrying presents in the snow holding hands while wearing masks

Staying Connected During the Holidays In a Pandemic

With another stay-at-home order going into effect, staying connected with friends and family may even be harder during the holidays.

picture of spiderman swinging on a web against a red background with the words Marvel: Spider-Man Remastered at the top

Spider-Man Remastered: With Great Power Comes Great…Controversy?

Fans are upset at how similar the new face of Peter Parker in Spiderman Remastered is to Tom Holland, but is it really that problematic?