Image of two men kissing from The Christmas House

Hallmark: Romance and Representation?

Hallmark has begun shifting from a glossy image of love and the real world to make slow (slow) steps towards a more inclusive picture.

Professors Dedicated to Brightening Zoom Classes

The shift to distance learning left much to be desired for both students and professors, though some have stepped up despite the struggles.

Judges of the voice competition show socially distanced, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, and Kelly Clarkson

Competition Shows Yet to Face COVID Reality

Flexibility of competition show’s COVID protocols creates a visual clash between the need to enact safety procedures and the desire to make the show appear as normal as possible. 

Op-ed: Meshing Sports and Political Activism

History says sports and politics go together but many of today’s viewers have different thoughts as to what they believe athletes can say.

Big Sky character's Cody, Jennie, and Cassie super imposed over a sunny forest background

Big Sky is a Big Flop for ABC

Big Sky’s pilot aired Tuesday, Nov. 17 and presented nothing but discombobulated plots and characters that the pilot attempted to sew together in the end, but failed to capture the intrigue it intended to create.

Drawing of Barbie in pink, sitting with her legs bent and leaning back

It’s a Barbie World, We’re Just Living in It

Barbie endures as a symbol of childhood nostalgia, but her story adapts within modern sociopolitical context.

the text "let us out" on a bridge over the la river

Hit or Miss: COVID-19 Representation in Entertainment

The problem with some coronavirus-themed entertainment is that it is a little too on-the-nose and too out-of-touch.

Mel Gibson as Fatman pointing a gun off screen

Review: A Not-So Jolly Take on Fatman

Fatman presents a disjointed narrative starring Gibson as a seasoned and grisly take on Santa Claus, or the Fatman, in which the U.S. military recruits Chris Cringle for reasons that remain incredibly unclear.

Trump in punk fashion with a green mohawk and F on his chest

Trump’s Anti-Political Correctness is Not Punk

With the election impending, it’s time to scrutinize the romanticization of Trump’s anti-political correctness and its false connection to punk.

Frosted cinnamon roll on white plate

Sweeten Things with Espresso Cinnamon Rolls

These espresso cinnamon rolls have made online classes so much sweeter. They are smooth and pillowy soft, with the ability to mix and match steps to your preference.