Photo of an empty vaccination site inside the gym of California State University of Bakersfield

How Far is Too Far to Travel for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The vaccination site at CSUB is open to everyone — but the focus should, instead, be on vaccine hesitancy in the community.

We Need To Foster the Sense of Media Literacy for Generation Z

Generation Z needs media literacy now more than ever, especially in an era full of misinformation and fake news.

One Fish, Two Fish, Cancel Culture Did Not Do This

Let’s talk about what a banned book means, and why Dr. Seuss’s publisher taking six of his books off the market is not all that alarming.

Vaccine Influencers Can Make Public Health a Trend

Elvis Presley getting the polio vaccine led to an increase in vaccinations, can the same trend be done with our current influencers?

See Your Voices in Color in The Greenleaf Review

The Greenleaf Review is Whittier College student’s chance to see their creativity in print, with this year’s mission to see voices in color.

Graphic of an outline of Trump's head showing newspapers catching on fire against a black background

News Deserts Fuel the Fire that is Trumpism and Misinformation

The increasing problem that is news deserts shows us how it adds to Trumpism and allows misinformation to spread easily.

When Depression Meets Desperation: Underrated Rom-Coms

In case you have already worn out the classic rom-coms (it’s been a rough year, after all), here are my favorite underrated/unknown rom-coms.

Super Bowl LV and its Cultural Impact

Millions of people tune in to one of the biggest events in American sports each year: the Super Bowl. What is the cultural impact of this?

Image of some of the 2021 Netflix releases

Netflix Nourishes Our Mass Media Consumption

Netflix’s mass release of movies throughout 2021 seems like a smart business decision, but possibly preemptive.

Side-by-side photo of a journalits being arrested by police in riot gear at a blm protest and a photo of a man in military gear storming the senate chamber

Spot the Difference: Insurrectionists at the Capitol vs. Police

No comparisons should be drawn between the BLM protests and the Capitol riots, but the police response at both events should be highlighted.