Mirvish pointing

Eighteen and a Half+ Minutes with Dan Mirvish

Indie Filmmaker and man of many hats, Dan Mirvish, visited Whittier College and discussed his new film tackling the parallels between Nixon and now.

Among us characters (ovals with legs) in various colors under the words "Among Us"

The Unexpected Rise of Among Us

Since the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we socialize, Among Us is a great way to connect with friends while social distancing. 

TikTok logo over black background with the words "The future of TikTok is on the Clock"

The TikTok-pocalypse in the U.S.

Buckle up because this is a long, winding road through the TikTok apocalypse timeline, taking us through questions such as “what is free speech” or “to whom should we give the fundamental right of collecting our data?”

student sitting down with an open book on her desk while looking away

Whittier College’s New Module System: For Better or For Worse?

Whittier College created a module system to make it easier for students to balance their online classes, but it may just make it harder.

Mulan with her sword raised superimposed over a picture of Hamilton from the musical of the same name.

Mulan and Hamilton set the stage: are digital releases here to stay?

Movie theaters were forced to shut down in March, pushing back the theatrical release dates for many movies. Studios had to come up with a solution to compensate for their loss in revenue.

Mulan in front of a sunset

#BoycottMulan — The story Behind the Controversy

On Friday morning, the release of Mulan was met with a protest. The hashtags #boycottmulan and #banmulan were trending on Twitter.