Sportlight: Quarterback Sebastian Pimental on Never Quitting

Sebastian Pimertal the second year starting quarterback for the Poets already carries himself at a high professionalism, but how does this extend to on and off the field.

Shopowners of Day Dream Kicks & Customs sitting on top of their store.

Shock Drop: Day Dream Kicks & Customs

Day Dream Kicks & Customs, having recently opening in Whittier, is bringing an essential part of L.A.’s culture to our community.

SCIAC Athlete of the Year: Teani White

Teani White earns SCIAC Athlete of the Year after propelling Whittier College Women’s Basketball to Championship win.

Tom Brady Finally Retires . . . Maybe?

After over 20 years Tom Brady is retiring from football making a case for himself as one if not the greatest player of all time.

Whittier College: Softball’s Opening Day

WC softball has returned after a two-year pandemic break, and the players are more than ready to take on the challenge of a new season.

Brian Flores Sues NFL

Ex Miami Dolphins Coach Brian Flores is suing the NFL for not having a fair chance to be hired based on race, what does this mean for the NFL?

Remembering Kobe Bryant, Two Years Later

Kobe Bryant was an icon not just to L.A., but to the whole basketball world. After two years, we still remember him and his great success.

A cartoon drawing of a hand with a chalkboard eraser, erasing the phrase "Student Loans" away on a green chalkboard.

Federal Loan Freeze: What You Should Know

In response to the fluctuation of the economy due to the pandemic, the Government decided to freeze any payments for student debt.

A picture of Dylan Sanchez.

Dylan Sanchez: Do Student Athletes Have More Privilege?

Non-athletes cannot relate to the busy and demanding day-to-day life of those in collegiate sports on the Whittier College campus.