Whittier College’s History Made Accessible

Help be a part of the change as the College grows and cement yourself in its history.

Illustration of Trump being banned from Twitter

Trump Ends Presidency Banned from Social Media Sites

Some of the biggest social media apps have banned him from their platforms after the former president incited the violence at the Capitol for election fraud.

Student Life Events to Sustain Community

The Division of Student Life has worked with student staff and faculty to provide the Poet community with a variety of events the week of the Inauguration.

COVID-19 Graphic outlining various relief efforts

Local COVID-19 Relief Resources

On Jan. 11, 2021, Los Angeles Public Health tweeted that ten people in LA County test positive for COVID-19 every minute. For those of us in Southern California, we remain in the Regional Stay at Home order. As of January, there have been 36,170,528 tests conducted in California alone. As more people are being affected by the pandemic, here are some local L.A. County resources.

Picture of a U.S. and Puerto Rican flag side by side with the sky as the background

The U.S. Has Done Enough, Let Puerto Rico Speak For Themselves

The question “should Puerto Rico become a state?” should be answered by the Puerto Ricans, not the Americans.

A Breakdown of California’s Propositions

There will be 12 California propositions on your ballot for the election on Nov. 3, 2020. Here is a breakdown of each prop with pros and cons.

desk with notebook open showing a student workspace

Methods of Staying Sane During the Era of Zoom College

Everyone is dealing with this in their own way, so reach out to people; have a little reminder that you aren’t alone.