The Art and History That Makes Up Black Culture

Office of Equity & Inclusion and Whittier students get a tour showcasing Black art as well as Black culture.

Owning Your Voice: Intersectional Poetry Slam

Despite the size of the crowd, there was clapping and cheering during last Friday’s Intersectional Poetry Slam.

Douglas Manuel

Professor Spotlight: Blerd is the Word According to Douglas Manuel

Douglas Manuel talks candidly about his writing and his efforts to create a wider range of examples of Black masculinity.

Remembering Our Friend, President Gene Mills

“Gene lived up to the Quaker values of caring, compassion, service, and leadership. We were all very sad to hear of his passing,” Doc shared.

A New Ear for Gender Equity

Dr. Ann Kakalarious knows, that Whittier College needs to take action create a truly equitable environment.