Picture of Ball Hall Entrance in the late afternoon light. At the top of the picture is green tree leaves.

Recent Fire in Whittier Begs Questions of Whittier College Fire Safety

A fire in Sycamore Park raged on damaging much property. This asks the question “What would Whittier College do if there is a fire on campus?”

COVID-19 and the Reopening of Whittier College: What to Know

As campus is opening back up tomorrow, Feb. 21, Whittier College has some important guidelines to share with students, staff, and faculty.

A photo taken by Sage Amdahl of the entrance of the red-brick made Wanberg Hall dorms.

Whittier College Opens Doors to Allow Rio Hondo Students to Dorm on WC Campus

Announced on the Whittier College Instagram page, Rio Hondo students will soon be able to dorm on the WC campus.

Eurydice’s Production Shifts to Adapt to an Omicron World

Whittier was supposed to have their upcoming production of Eurydice as a typical stage show, however, due to Omicron, that had to change.

Picture of various prop guns with labels on them

Guns On Set: Make it a Thing of the Past

The death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” brings about an important question for the movie industry: Are prop guns too dangerous?

A picture of Villalobos.

Antisemitic Attack in ASWC Office

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a swastika was discovered in the ASWC office, having been carved into a desk by a still-unknown perpetrator.

A picture of a dark room.

Campus-Wide Power Outage Disrupts Classes

The nearly school-wide power outage on Nov. 3 disrupted the routines of both residential and commuter students.

Mendenhall is where the office for registration is located

Registration Website Changes: Tips and Tricks

Course registration will be held Nov. 15-17, at a specific preregistered time individualized for each student.

A photo of two condoms on a yellow background.

California Becomes First State to Make Practice of “Stealthing” Illegal

Becoming the first state to do so, California made the decision on Oct. 7 to consider stealthing a civil offense.

Photo of pumpkins on a wooden floor with a sign that says "Trick or treat" on top of it

Should Halloween Be Cancelled Yet Again This Year?

COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed, but Delta cases are on the rise. Is it safe enough to celebrate Halloween this year?