Eurydice’s Production Shifts to Adapt to an Omicron World

Whittier was supposed to have their upcoming production of Eurydice as a typical stage show, however, due to Omicron, that had to change.

Picture of various prop guns with labels on them

Guns On Set: Make it a Thing of the Past

The death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” brings about an important question for the movie industry: Are prop guns too dangerous?

A picture of Villalobos.

Antisemitic Attack in ASWC Office

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a swastika was discovered in the ASWC office, having been carved into a desk by a still-unknown perpetrator.

A picture of a dark room.

Campus-Wide Power Outage Disrupts Classes

The nearly school-wide power outage on Nov. 3 disrupted the routines of both residential and commuter students.

Mendenhall is where the office for registration is located

Registration Website Changes: Tips and Tricks

Course registration will be held Nov. 15-17, at a specific preregistered time individualized for each student.

A photo of two condoms on a yellow background.

California Becomes First State to Make Practice of “Stealthing” Illegal

Becoming the first state to do so, California made the decision on Oct. 7 to consider stealthing a civil offense.

Photo of pumpkins on a wooden floor with a sign that says "Trick or treat" on top of it

Should Halloween Be Cancelled Yet Again This Year?

COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed, but Delta cases are on the rise. Is it safe enough to celebrate Halloween this year?