Biden going through a set of doors inside the Capitol Building with a crowd of people surrounding him

Biden’s Only Promise On His 2020 Campaign Was Winning

Biden promised to win in the 2020 election, but now that he did, will he really be able to pass his proposed policies?

Image of Secret American's band members

Secret American Concludes a Year Full of “Heavy Feels”

Heavy Feels explores topics of intimacy, masculinity, and social failures, this album splits off from their previous, more upbeat work.

Biden Chooses Becerra for Secretary of Health and Human Services

California Attorney General Becerra has become president-elect Joe Bidenโ€™s nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Image of Joe Biden looking to the left holding a microphone with one hand and the other raising a finger

Joe Biden and Centrists Almost Killed the Democratic Party in 2020

The Democratic Party leadership blames progressives for how the election turned out, but maybe they should begin looking at the centrists.

Kim Ng posing on the field.

Kim Ng is Up to Bat in New General Manager Position

Kim Ng made history in America’s favorite sport aa she was named general manager of the Miami Marlins, opening new doors for women in sports.

The Case for Voting Third Party – Especially in Safe States

Just because there are two major party candidates, doesn’t mean they are the only ones. It’s time to consider third party candidates.

California Passes the Student Borrower Bill of Rights

The Student Borrower Bill of Rights, or Assembly Bill 376, was signed into law by Governor of California Gavin Newsom on Sept. 25, which aims to protect college students like the Poets.