Abby Salmon

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Abby Salmon Edition

Abby Salmon is excited by challenge of math and was thrilled by the opportunity to combine it with her other passion of sports through WSP.

Image of Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej at their Buzzfeed Unsolved desk

Resting Up, Absorbing Murder Mysteries, the Usual

Over break, I binge-watched every single episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved and I’ll rank my top 10 episodes, both from True Crime and Paranormal.

A man, Brandon Bernard, holding a picture of him and several others.

What Happened to the “Reform” Aspect of Imprisonment?

Brandon Bernard was committed to transforming himself into a better man than he was before behind bars. Yet, the death penalty ended that.

Andrew Williams

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Williams Edition

Williams is a WSP major who “fell in love with water and how it interacts with the environment, politics, and economics.”

Image of aespa's four group members

Artificial Intelligence Capitalizes on Women’s Subjugation

Sometimes technological advancements aren’t as great as they seem, especially when it dehumanizes K-Pop artists.

Oscar Aliaga

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Oscar Aliaga Edition

Unlike what many tend to think, football players are not in college just to focus on developing their athletic abilities.

Marina in black in the white

Men, Listen Up. Marina Has Something to Tell You

“Man’s World,” a song Marina Diamandis released on Nov. 18, tells a story about women’s rights, and a satirical way to begin speaking to men.

Lisa Hernandez

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Lisa Hernandez Edition

Lisa Hernandez, spread her wings at Whittier College, and is now doing research with Dr. Peterson, which earned her a fellowship.

collage of hospital bills with an empty hospital room in the background

COVID-19 Ruined Our Lives, Now It’s Ruining Our Wallets

COVID-19 has been impacting many different areas of our lives, including how much money we are now spending.

Shan Deneen

Senior Spotlight: Shan Deneen Edition

Shan Deneen chose to pursue STEM despite prior discouragement, and is now being published alongside her mentor.