Senior Spotlight Sundays: Kole Joachim Edition

“After all, college is not only about growing in your academics,” Joachim encourages, “but also growing as an individual as well.”

A picture of Allissa Richardson during her presentation.

Bearing Witness While Black: Rising Accountability in Modern #Journalism

The Art & Visual Studies Department hosted Bearing Witness While Black: African Americans, Smartphones, and the New Protest #Journalism.

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Gabriel Pridgen-Daniels

He originally went to the recruiting office just to talk to the Navy SEAL team, but they told him his mindset was fit for a Navy SEAL.

The Pinks sat together and watched multiple clips from their trainee days and reflected on what that time in their lives meant to each of them.

Sisterhood and Hard Work Light Up Our Sky

Four years after their debut, BLACKPINK collaborated with Netflix to create a documentary detailing their time as trainees and their lives as K-Pop idols.

Mr. Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris is Speaking

The Vice Presidential debate was surprisingly pretty civil, but Senator Harris ended up taking center stage of the debate.

A animated image of school supplies for remote learning (a laptop, books, and more).

Wellness Check: How Well is the Module System Working?

Now that we are a little over halfway through the first quarter using the module system, it is time for a community check-in.

BLACKPINK The Album cover, a pink tiara with a black background

BLACKPINK: The “Lovesick Girls” Return

The lovesick girls are finally here! (Actually, they’re back.)On Oct. 1, our girls, BLACKPINK, came back with a new title track, “Lovesick Girls,” leading their first full-length, eight-track album.

Will COVID-19 Turn Out to be as Bad as Cancer?

COVID-19 might be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and it is definitely absorbing a lot of medical attention as far as general research and, more importantly, the rush for a working vaccination goes, but what about other medical diseases we have yet to cure? Just recently, on Sept. 18, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader […]

An arm raised into a fist in front of a crowd of people whose fists are raised as well

Black Lives Matter is Not an Aesthetic, it is Change

Black Lives Matter is not just a hashtag or the latest trend. It is a social movement that calls for real action and change.

Running on empty: How Whittier is keeping its (virtual) doors open

As expected, the financial state of Whittier College is not stable while operating under a huge deficit, which raises concerns with students.