Pride rally taking place outside the Supreme Court Building with a person waving a pride flag

A Look at the LGBTQIA+ Community Under Trump and Biden

What has President Trump done for LGBTQ people and what will Biden do for them? No matter who wins, LGBTQIA+ rights are still important.

empty debate stage with podiums on either side of the picture, with a screen behind one of the podiums.

The Political Climate has Outgrown Presidential Debates

If the last presidential and vice-presidential debates has taught us anything, it is that we need to change what these debates are about.

false green coding layered over facebook and twitter logos

Effectiveness of Social Media Preventing the Spread of Misinformation

Social media is a way for people to express themselves, but how effective are they in preventing the spread of misinformation to its users?

a man in a graduation gown smiling at the camera with the words We Are Prop 16, #YesOnProp16 next to him

Proposition 16 Will Give an Advantage to the Disadvantaged

Voting yes on Prop 16 will help reinstate affirmative action, which opens opportunites to underrepresented groups held back by the system.

digital drawing of a silver police badge with the words protect and serve on a blue blackground

Police Reform Begins With Proper Training of Police Officers

With the latest cases of police brutality, perhaps the police needs to reform how long they train their officers.

A hand holding a gold coin of the Nobel Peace Prize

It is Poison, Not Peace, That Trump Brings – Especially to Our Nation

President Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but considering what is happening in America, he is far from deserving.