Whittier Athletics Adjusts to COVID-19 Adaptations

Whittier College’s sports have return but during a time where precautions are bring made, how as our athletics department adjusted to this?

Messi and Ronaldo’s New Look on the Field

The two biggest names in soccer and a new look as Messi and Ronaldo have both changed teams for the first time in the same transfer window.

Kanye’s Much-Anticipated “Donda” Doesn’t Disappoint

Donda is the most emotional from any previous albums, including 808s and Heartbreaks, but still has some high points of hype.

The Graham Athletic Center.

Whittier College Welcomes Sports Back

After over a year and a half, Whittier College finally welcomes sports teams, from water polo to cross country, back to campus.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Worth the Four Hours

If you ask me if this whole new cut of Justice League that Zach Snyder was in charge of made a difference, I would say that, yes, it did.

Image of lola bunny and her redesign

Lola Bunny Does Not Have to Bring Sexy Back

Whether people are serious about this or not remains up in the air, but does it really matter if Lola Bunny, a cartoon rabbit, changes shape?

Greatest Starting XI of All Time

Soccer has had its far share of great players, but there are certain players who have done enough to be considered the greatest of all time.

The Importance of Jackie Robinson

Robinson is one of the most famous baseball players to play in the MLB and his impact on sports is still felt in today’s world.

Brady and the Bucs win Super Bowl LV

The 2020-2021 NFL season has finally come to an end as Tom Brady and the Bucs claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LV.

Remembering the Legendary Kobe Bryant

It has been a long year since the world lost Kobe Bryant — an icon not just in basketball, but as a person.