Head-to-Head, Not Face-to-Face

Last night President Trump and former VP Biden “competed” in town halls hosted at the same time by different news stations.

Dr. Sanders Aims to Diversify Campus in New Dean Position

Dr. Kay Sanders as Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will be an integral part of the College’s reform for diversifying education in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Good news: “Jumbo Jet” Sized Bear Wins Fat Bear Week

Katmai National Park’s 2020 annual Fat Bear Week contest crowned the fattest fan-favorite bear, 747, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, after keeping a small group of active fans entertained on Twitter for nearly a month. 

Representing a virtual community: First-year Class Council elections

The First-year Class Council elections are underway, but do freshmen feel comfortable representing the WC community?

California’s wildfires and the controversy engulfing them

California’s elevated fire activity, and the states response to the devastation, have been engulfed by political controversy.

Jessie Buckley's character "Lucy" is posed drinking a glass of wine under the title "I'm thinking of ending things."

I wish this movie would have “ended things” halfway through

I, and probably everyone, watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things twice, because there’s a twist ending that makes everything come together.

Whittier College’s Plan for Racial Equity and Justice

In response to Black Lives Matter and @BlackAtWhittier, the College has created a plan to help the campus work towards racial equity.

Whittier College Alumnus Involved in Hate Crime Against Transgender Women

This hate crime raises questions about Whittier College’s efforts as an institution to protect LGBTQIA+ students from violence.

Racism in Academia

Social activist Instagram account, Black at Whittier, held a live stream to discuss experiences of “Racism in [Whittier College] Academia.”