various adobe Flash logos, the letter f on red backgrounds

The Legacy and Legend of Adobe Flash

Adobe’s multimedia program was a seminal part of internet culture in the 2000’s. In 2016, Adobe announced that it was ending support for Flash as of December 2020.

Trump in punk fashion with a green mohawk and F on his chest

Trump’s Anti-Political Correctness is Not Punk

With the election impending, it’s time to scrutinize the romanticization of Trump’s anti-political correctness and its false connection to punk.

Among us characters (ovals with legs) in various colors under the words "Among Us"

The Unexpected Rise of Among Us

Since the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we socialize, Among Us is a great way to connect with friends while social distancing. 

Promotional shot of Cyberpunk with a man in a hoody holding a gun

“Crunch” Spurs Potential Gaming Industry Unions

Crunch is, in its most basic form, excessive overtime: when game developers have to put in extremely long hours towards the end of a game’s development in order to get it finished for the product’s release date. Crunch can often mean working 60 to 80 hours a week, sometimes going up to 100 hours in more severe cases. Is it really a surprise these conditions have led to talks of unionizing?

Frosted cinnamon roll on white plate

Sweeten Things with Espresso Cinnamon Rolls

These espresso cinnamon rolls have made online classes so much sweeter. They are smooth and pillowy soft, with the ability to mix and match steps to your preference.