Photo of inside of Campus Inn kitchen, where an employee dressed in black is fervently talking to his manager (dressed in white.)

Community Rallies Against Unfair Treatment of Workers

Students and faculty of Whittier College came together to support the negotiations of the Bon Appetit worker’s unionization contract.

A photo of the inside of the Campus Inn. The picture shows the buffet serving areas, with a few students walking and waiting by.

Bon Appetit Worker’s Push to Unionize

Bon Appetit Managing’s contract with the College’s workers union expired and the workers are asking students to support for better treatment.

A smoking blunt on a blue ash tray, on a yellow blanket.

New Law Protects Workers’ Right to Use THC

On August 29th, California law makers passed a bill entitled Assembly Bill 2188 protecting worker’s rights to use marijuana off-duty.