Celebrating Women’s History Month: Blankets with Michelle De La O

Michelle DeLa O uses her hands to create many things, but her favorite thing to make is colorful Afghan blankets.

A picture of Kakenya Ntaiya.

Three Female Trailblazers Whose Ambitions Knew No Bounds

This women’s history month, we remember women whose persistence in overcoming obstacles have had lasting impacts on the world.

Empowering Women in Mexico Through Telenovelas

Vencer el Miedo and Vencer el Desamor aired in Mexico, and later the U.S., with women’s issues being the center of the shows.

Illustration of a shadowed man standing to the left casting a large shadow while a woman stands in the shadow

Women Have Done More Than You Are Taught

History celebrates the accomplishments of men, rarely acknowledging that women have done just as much, if not more.

The Untold Stories of Women that Cross Culture and Borders

We must think of all the women who fought for true equality — equality across the board — not just the spotlight few.