Students on a study abroad trip.

Study Abroad’s Tentative Plans for 2021

The question that had been buzzing around campus now that we are back in person: when will study abroad become available?

Office of International Programs Says Study Abroad to Reopen in Fall

The Office of International Programs has announced that study abroad courses will restart in Fall 2021, when Whittier College reopens.

Andrew Gallegos

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Andrew Gallegos Edition

Andrew Gallegos’s senior project combines his passion for language and marketing, to demonstrate inclusive marketing for East Asian airlines.

Andrew Williams

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Williams Edition

Williams is a WSP major who “fell in love with water and how it interacts with the environment, politics, and economics.”

Shan Deneen

Senior Spotlight: Shan Deneen Edition

Shan Deneen chose to pursue STEM despite prior discouragement, and is now being published alongside her mentor.

Lessons in Self-Isolated Sustainable Farming from Cuba

The fall of the Soviets and the United States-led trade embargo put Cuba in an economic situation worse than the Great Depression.