A graphic representing Title IX.

Project IX: An Effort to Educate Our Campus

In an ongoing effort to educate the campus on Title IX, the Dean of Students Office is hosting on a five-part series titled Project IX.

Two people walking on college campus at night.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct on Whittier College’s Small Campus: 2020 HEDS Survey

The Quaker Campus has summarized the findings of the unreleased 2020 HEDS Climate Report and ways for reporting sexual misconduct on campus.

Dean Bruce Smith Announces Campus Plans for Title IX Support

Dean of Students Bruce Smith sent a statement to the student body regarding the College’s new plans for Title IX support on campus. 

Voices of Whittier College Brings Awareness to Sexual Misconduct

Instagram account and activist group Voices of Whittier College, in support of the University Survivors Movement, uses their posts to bring awareness to sexual misconduct at the College with a goal “to end sexual violence on college campuses.”

New Title IX Policy from Administration and Students

Title IX administration is changing policy in accordance to federal requirements, and ASWC is drafting their own Bill to target campus issues.