An illustration of two women sitting in chairs across from each other, one of them being a patient and the other being a therapist

POV: You See Your Therapist Complaining on TikTok

Recently, a therapist on TikTok complained about one of her patients “trauma dumping” on them. But is that not what her job is about?

Image of the TikTok songwriters/creators for Ratatouille the Musical

“Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” Shows the Perseverance of the Arts

With Broadway shut down, “Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” encapsulates the creative capital the app curated. 

Social Media is Playing Copy Cat

In the newest Instagram update, the platform as we knew it has ceased to exist. Instagram is probably the most prominent of the social media copy-cat game.

image of a phone with a tiktok logo on the screen; the background of the image are COVID-19 viruses

TikTok Influencers During a Pandemic: For Better or For Worse

In a pandemic where we have to follow social distance guidelines, social media influencers have to set the example for better or for worse.

Remy the rat from Ratatouille holding cheese over his head while plates break behind him

TikTok Serves up Ratatouille . . . the Musical?

For the past few weeks on TikTok, many creators have come together to create a musical based on the Pixar movie Ratatouille. The hashtag #ratatouillethemusical has over two million views, and there are countless song and choreography entries. 

TikTok logo over black background with the words "The future of TikTok is on the Clock"

The TikTok-pocalypse in the U.S.

Buckle up because this is a long, winding road through the TikTok apocalypse timeline, taking us through questions such as “what is free speech” or “to whom should we give the fundamental right of collecting our data?”

TikTok in the Time of Corona

TikTok is a battleground for memes, ranging from calling the coronavirus “Boomer Remover” to those urging their peers to stay indoors.