A sunny photo of the Education and Child Development building at Whittier College. There is a leafy tree in front of a white building. In the foreground is a photo that says "Department of Education and Child Development".

The Master’s Program Has A Master Problem

The Whittier College Masters’ Program has had some issues recently involving fieldwork, courses, and the way the program is taught.

Photo of Mendenhall. The tan building is the background, while a sign saying "Welcome to Whittier" is in the foreground.

New Registration Schedule Aims to Ease Student Stress

The College sent out an email on September 20, talking about the new registration process in order to help alleviate stress.

Low angle shot of a red building with a standing sign in the forefront. The folding sign says "Health & Wellness Center" in purple and gold.

Are We Okay?: A Mental & Physical Health Report

Whittier College is struggling with it’s mental and physical health, and while there are initiatives to help, the College is hurting.