ASWC’s Request to Extend Library Hours

Reducing the Library hours led to less student staffing hours in order to stretch out the student work-study awards.

A picture of a dark room.

Campus-Wide Power Outage Disrupts Classes

The nearly school-wide power outage on Nov. 3 disrupted the routines of both residential and commuter students.

A picture of the DoubleTree Hotel.

Creating a Safe Space: Black Women’s Forum

Events like the Black Women’s Forum are helpful for creating a welcoming environment on campus, but more could be done to enhance these events.

A graphic representing Title IX.

Project IX: An Effort to Educate Our Campus

In an ongoing effort to educate the campus on Title IX, the Dean of Students Office is hosting on a five-part series titled Project IX.

Students on a study abroad trip.

Study Abroad’s Tentative Plans for 2021

The question that had been buzzing around campus now that we are back in person: when will study abroad become available?

Creating a More Commuter-Friendly Campus

For many commuter students, making the campus more commuter-friendly could help when taking a break in-between classes, connecting with other students, and attending campus social events. 

On and Off-Campus Resources for Suicide Prevention Month

You have been through a lot. Whether or not you are consciously aware of what the world has put you through, it is way too much to shoulder on your own.

The Campus Inn parking lot.

New Year, Same Problems: Commuters’ Struggles on Campus

Commuters are happy to be back on campus, for reasons ranging from the positive social aspect of learning in a room with people to not being forced to pay full tuition for “Zoom college” anymore.

Sites of Solidarity: A Week of Student Led Workshops to Build Community

The priority of Sites of Solidarity is to create a space of learning, healing, and refueling.

Photo of Whittier College campus

Admitted Students’ First Look at Whittier College’s Campus

After a full school year of COVID-19 lockdown, this year’s admitted students are now able to get a first look at Whittier College’s campus.