Senior Send-Off: Tori O’Campo, Unsung Artist

Tori O’Campo is “a thoughtful student and a noble journalist; she’s the sort of gracious leader who makes everyone around her better.”

Addison Crane in yellow.

Senior Send-Off: Addison Crane, Buzzing Toward the Future

Addison Crane has a foot in many ponds, so to speak, yet meets each activity with equal excitement and dedication.

Senior Send-Off: Jackie Au, Jack-ie of All Trades, Master of All

To describe Jackie Au as adventurous would be an understatement. She is kind, witty, down-to-earth, passionate, and determined as h—ll.

Karen Romero in her gown.

Senior Send-Off: Karen Romero, Political Activist

Karen Romero has been politically active since a young age thanks to her family, which led her down the path of Political Science.

Taylor Penn

Senior Send-Off: Taylor Penn, Becoming a Quadruple Threat

Taylor Penn is many things. Perhaps most impressively, she is a quadruple threat: a dancer, a writer, a singer, and an actress.

A picture of Adam Gonzales smiling.

Senior Send-Off: Adam Gonzales, Space Pirate in Training

Adam Gonzales ultimately wants to be a space pirate, but he hopes that his time at the Quaker Campus will take him where he wants to go next.