Senior Send-off: Haley Vallejo, Inspiration through Animation

Haley Vallejo is an artist in many forms; whether it be whipping up an article or working on a graphic design piece, she can do it all.

Senior Send-Off: Kim Tsuyuki, the QC’s Busy Bee

At 5’1 (and 3 quarters), you may not see Kim Tsuyuki running around making sure something is in order, but she is definitely always on the go.

Brookins posing in front of heart lights

Senior Send-Off: Cedes Brookins on the Big Screen

Cedes Brookins is a talented individual with a love of filmmaking and writing poetry, there’s no doubt we’ll see her on the big screen.

Editor-in-Chief Brianna Wilson embraces Deputy Editor Arianna Juarez in the head office

Senior Send-Off: Brianna Wilson

In Fall 2019, late one QC production night, Brianna Wilson’s co-Head copy editor predicted, “…you are going to get into the head office.”

Emerson Little with a camera.

Senior Send-Off: Emerson Little, Media Master

Emerson Little found his way to Whittier College through a familial coincidence, when his talents could have led him to any number of places.

Jordan Garcia reading.

Senior Send-Off: Jordan Garcia, Future Librarian

Jordan Garcia knows that a career in which she’s surrounded by books and helping others discover new information is the right one for her.