Graphic of three people going out trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes considered offensive to Native Americans and Latinos

Please Stop Being Racist for Halloween When it Comes to Costumes

People need to be conscious of what costumes they wear for Halloween. Cultural appropriation is a real thing!

The words "Brandy Melville" in black with a pink heart behind it

Brandy Melville: Next in Line to Be Cancelled?

Brandy Melville promotes negative body image by making their clothing fit only size zero, and that’s not the end of it.

Photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sitting in chairs with bushes behind them

In Which People Are Shocked the Royal Family is Racist

People really shouldn’t be surprised to hear about racism in the royal family after the Oprah Winfrey interview, given their history.

The Bachelor Needs Huge Diversity Makeover and Less Problematic Cast

Since 2003, The Bachelor has been nothing but racist towards the cast members of color. There needs to be change, starting with casting.

Neera Tanden Has Only Herself to Blame for Her Failed Nomination

Republican lawmakers may have been offended by her tweets, but Neera Tanden’s failed nomination is all of her own doing.

When White Liberalism Infiltrates Academia, What Good Does It Do?

White liberalism in academia does not amplify the voices of BIPOC students, it tends to overshadow them – unkowingly or not.

graphic of a young latina girl wearing a pink dress holding a sign that says "What about my life?'

Trump’s New ‘Holiday’ is Definitive Proof He is Racist

President Trump proclaimed Nov. 1 to be a new holiday for the American people. However, this ‘holiday’ is not as innocent as it seems.

Justice Not Only Delayed, But Denied – #SayHerName

On Sept. 23, the American justice system failed its very own citizen, Breonna Taylor, by not charging a single officer for her murder.

Racism in Academia

Social activist Instagram account, Black at Whittier, held a live stream to discuss experiences of “Racism in [Whittier College] Academia.”

Being Black While . . . Being a Student?

From ‘Black While Driving’ to ‘Black While Walking’ to ‘Black While … Being a Student?’ Black At Whittier explores the consequences of racism on campus.