A student holding a white sign that reads "Bring Back Our Sports!"

Whittier College Community Protests Against Cancellation of Multiple Athletics Programs

In response to the recent cancellation of multiple athletics programs at Whittier, students and faculty held a protest.

Women cuts her hair as protest

Iranian Women’s Heated Protest

Alissa Portillo Opinions Editor A large pit fire has formed on an Iranian street. The fire is lighting up the emptiness. Blackness is seen rising in the air from the flames. The fire symbolizes restlessness and anger. Iranian women are angry and they are determined to be seen and heard, even if it results in […]

Farmers in India Protest Prime Minister Modi’s Agricultural Deregulations

Farmers in India have been protesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agricultural deregulations for over five months. The policy is leaving about half the population of India without a steady income.