An array of students in a city, with picket signs protesting for student debt relief.

How Will Student Debt Relief Impact You?

On August 24, President Biden issued a plan which intends to erase up to $20,000 of student debt for loan borrowers.

Photo of Biden in the hall of the White House behind a podium

Stop Being Selfish and Get Vaccinated — Lives are on the Line

People find President Biden’s vaccine mandate to be controversial; but how is it controversial to save lives?

Neera Tanden Has Only Herself to Blame for Her Failed Nomination

Republican lawmakers may have been offended by her tweets, but Neera Tanden’s failed nomination is all of her own doing.

Photo of the top three democrats in congress: steny hoyer, chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi standing in front of a podium

Looking Towards the Midterms, and Leaving Trump Behind

A couple weeks after Trump has been acquitted, and Democrats are still focused on him rather than the 2022 midterm elections.

Graphic of Biden facing left speaking in front of a podium against a light blue background

President Biden Taking a Step Forward in Eradicating Systemic Racism

Biden promotes racial equity through his executive orders, and while there is still work to be done, it is definitively a step forward.

Image of a small business store with closed gates in front of it blocking the entrance

Why Raising the Minimum Wage Will Do More Harm Than Good

Raising the national minimum wage to $15 an hour sounds like a great idea to many, but will it really benefit the people it’s meant to help?

Graphic of President Biden in front of podium with the Capitol Building in the background

President Biden’s Inaugural Address: A Moment of Introspection

The Inaugural Address of President Biden was one made directly to the American people. Further analysis reveals the meaning behind it.