Women cuts her hair as protest

Iranian Women’s Heated Protest

Alissa Portillo Opinions Editor A large pit fire has formed on an Iranian street. The fire is lighting up the emptiness. Blackness is seen rising in the air from the flames. The fire symbolizes restlessness and anger. Iranian women are angry and they are determined to be seen and heard, even if it results in […]

Photo of Biden in the hall of the White House behind a podium

Stop Being Selfish and Get Vaccinated — Lives are on the Line

People find President Biden’s vaccine mandate to be controversial; but how is it controversial to save lives?

Karen Romero in her gown.

Senior Send-Off: Karen Romero, Political Activist

Karen Romero has been politically active since a young age thanks to her family, which led her down the path of Political Science.

Should Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, Be Forgiven?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for covering up COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, for committing acts of sexual assault.

Leftists Criticize the Biden Administration for Not Being “Progressive Enough”

Leftists criticize Biden as not being “progressive enough” amidst his massive approval from more centrist Democrats, marking further divide within the Democratic Party. 

Biden Chooses Becerra for Secretary of Health and Human Services

California Attorney General Becerra has become president-elect Joe Biden’s nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

President-Elect Biden on Issues Affecting Gender Rights

Presidential Elect Joe Biden plans to address several gender-related social issues including women’s rights .

flier for the event

Processing the 2020 Election

Dr. Sara Angevine’s class hosted the community discussion panel, Let’s Process the Process: Election 2020 Virtual Panel

the upside down american flag is the cover of our playlist

Playlist: Quaker Campus Election Mood

The Quaker Campus has put together a collection of songs reflecting our thoughts and feelings while watching the election.

Joe Biden is the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elect

The Associated Press named Biden as the 2020 presidential race winner after he received his final electoral college points from Pennsylvania.