When Murder Trials Are Not About Murder

The result of Derek Chauvin’s trial, almost a year after the death of George Floyd, does not mean we should, or can, stop fighting.

The Verdict is In: An Overview of the State v. Chauvin

In this article, The Quaker Campus outlines the State v. Chauvin trial from the beginning to the announcement of the verdict on Tuesday, April 20.

photo of CBS reporter Katie Nielson being detained by police

Protecting Journalists at Protests Should Be a Priority

Governor Newsom recently vetoed SB 629, which would have protected journalists at protests. Here is why this bill should have passed.

digital drawing of a silver police badge with the words protect and serve on a blue blackground

Police Reform Begins With Proper Training of Police Officers

With the latest cases of police brutality, perhaps the police needs to reform how long they train their officers.

Officer in riot gear transposed over a red TV with blood dripping

Entertainment’s Role in Promoting “Copaganda” On Screen

With calls to defund the police and more awareness about copaganda what is entertainment’s role in addressing how they portray cops?