Photo depicting the performers of Open Mic Night holding roses against a brown and white background.

KPOET Open Mic Night Gets Unzipped

The first Open Mic Night occurred, where Whittier College students came together celebrating poetry, music, and most of all – community. 

A picture of last year's edition of The Greenleaf Review, entitled "Voices in Color."

Coming Soon: Gen Z Survival Guide in The Greenleaf Review

The Greenleaf Review is currently accepting submissions from the Whittier College community under a ‘Gen Z Survival’ theme.

The Man Behind The Camera: Myles Malone

From street photography to charming portraits, Myles Malone captures cinematic stills of the world through his eyes.

Dayquan Moeller performs in front of villalobos

The Spectacular Return of Open Mic Night

KPOET Radio’s Open Mic Night returned to a full house in Villalobos on Friday, Nov. 12.

Finding A Happily Ever After in Mercedes Brookins’ Poetry

You Deserve A Happily Ever After goes on a journey of self-love and healing that reminds us that we can and do deserve a happily ever after.

Keylee Leong and the Art of Transforming Poetry

Keylee Long strives to write poetry to help change the stigma that poetry is just tacky, depressing, or grossly romantic.

Cat Tang, who is discussing her poetry, smiling

Cat Tang Brings Poetry to Life

Tang is finishing up her English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Chinese, and she is itching to write more.

Douglas Manuel

Professor Spotlight: Blerd is the Word According to Douglas Manuel

Douglas Manuel talks candidly about his writing and his efforts to create a wider range of examples of Black masculinity.